Leona Lewis – Will She Perform on American Idol?

ETA: Leona Lewis to appear on American Idol on April 23, 2008.


“X Factor winner Leona Lewis is flying home from Los Angeles after falling ill while recording her debut album.”


So does this mean Leona won’t appear on this week’s American Idol semifinal? Well just in case, here’s a comparison of Leona and past American Idol contestants singing the same songs. You decide. Is Leona really a better singer? I think she is good, but in my opinion several AI contestants are at least her equal. I think Leona wins on Over the Rainbow, Fantasia wins on Summertime, Kelly wins on A Moment Like This, and Leona and Clay tie on Bridge. Leona might be the best singer, but not necessarily the best song performer. What do you think?


Leona Lewis


Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Leona Lewis

Clay Aiken

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Leona Lewis

Katherine McPhee

Tamyra Gray

A Moment Like This

Leona Lewis

Kelly Clarkson


5 responses to “Leona Lewis – Will She Perform on American Idol?

  1. Not necessarily the best song performer?

    All of the above mentioned performers are good, but….Leona is an artist in a million! She is not competing with them, this is different league!

    Enjoy the fact that you and I witnessed the birth of someone who will become a legendary singer!

  2. after watching all of the performances i just ended up with a conclution

    you most be daft and blind ‘couse if leona isnt just the best song performer end yet a master singing then i dont know what is

    and i think that can’t be toped i tell you this not from the uk but from mexico

  3. you forgot to add leona lewis/kelly clarkson – without you, but I suppose you just saved kelly clarkson even more embarrassment so it’s all good 😛

  4. leona is the best by far out of all these. i watched her win the x factor and she was fab xxx

  5. Its been coomfirmed here http://leonalewismusic.co.uk/international/us

    that Leona will perform april 23rd 2008(what will be april 27 2008 on european tv)

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