Nutbush City Limits

When Tina sings Nutbush, it is a great song.  When Melinda Doolittle sings it, the song becomes a parody.  What’s wrong?  Melinda growled at the appropriate places.  She has a great voice and was in tune.  So why is Melinda so boring?

Let’s try a little research.  First take a look at Donovan, Tina’s biggest fan (she actually invited him onstage to sing Nutbush with her).


So what does Donovan bring to the song?  Pure joy at performing and a give and take with the croud.

 How about Bob Seger?  Looks like he is having a great time.

Bob Seger

And the incomparable Tina Turner live in Amsterdam.  Tell me the crowds not into Tina.

Tina Turner

Melinda Doolittle

Great vocals, but there seems to be an invisible wall between Melinda and the audience. This should have won Melinda the title, but I doubt if it actually earned her any votes. 

Guess what Simon, its more than a singing competition.

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