Memorial Day – I Salute Their Bravery

I never served in the military – but I am often moved by the extreme bravery of those that defend our country. Not a political statement – just thinking about what makes a man jump on a grenade to save his brothers. How can one man face down ten? I wish more was done for these heroes. How about if all Congressman and Senators get the exact same benefits as the military? Sounds fair to me.

My dad served in WWII and told me how scared he was. Its OK to be scared and brave. His plane was shot down and he became a POW for several months. He died a few years ago and for his funeral, we requested military funeral honors – two service members folded and presented the American flag to me and a bugler sounded Taps. I felt very proud. Since I don’t have any children, I gave the flag to his favorite granddaughter who I knew would cherish it.

Can man ever learn to resolve conflict without violence? Or is it beyond our capability as humans? How can conflicts be peaceably resolved when one side is both intransigent and a real threat? I hate war, but love our warriors. I hope they all return home – proudly and safely – when their mission is completed.

Ballad of the Green Beret

Military Funeral (For someone’s grandfather – the grandson played Taps and received the flag)

All US veterans are entitled to this ceremony if the family wishes.

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