Today – No Trains

I live at the beach – a little beach on the Chesapeake Bay – but I live on the beach.  For the last couple of days I have been building a workbench for a new band saw – want to make some Aderondeck Bar Chairs.  Anyway, about 4 pm, I decided I had done enough and it was time for steak and beer – Molson Ice!

So sitting on the deck, eating steak and drinking a Molson – here’s what I saw –

I saw people walking, people jumping, and I even saw a mother and son skipping.  I saw people kayaking and people swimming.  I saw people sunning and people running.

I saw dogs running and dogs walking. I saw a cat being carried.

I saw motorcycles, bicycles, cars, trucks, and I even saw an ATV – the lifeguards use it.

I saw birds flying, birds gliding, birds floating, birds diving, and I even saw birds walking and running.

I saw sail boats sailing, sail boats motoring, tug boats tugging, freighters freighting, motor boats motoring, and a navy boat or two.

I saw jet airplanes, a helicopter, and a propeller plane.

I saw spiders and ants and other bugs.

But I didn’t see a train!

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