Congratulations YsabellaBrave!

YsabellaBrave has just been signed by Cordless Recordings, a division of Warner Music. It made the LA Times and Ysabellabrave just (Sunday night) announced it on youtube. This couldn’t have happened to a sweeter woman. They want her to keep on doing what she’s doing and being who she is. I can’t wait to buy her 1st CD.

And from the LA Times – Wish on a Star.

In one of her posts she says “we want to get some stuff on itunes and do some digital things”.

Major record labels watch out – the Internet is going to eat your lunch.

ETA – From the Cordless Recordings web site –

The best way to describe Cordless Recordings is artist development. We find and break new artists by combining our experience in the traditional music industry with our passion for new technology and ideas. Our goal is to become a trusted home for new and vital music.


2 responses to “Congratulations YsabellaBrave!

  1. Congradulations! A very special lady indeed.

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