More YouTube Nuggets – Rickie Lee Jones

ETA – Just found this video of Rickie and Dr. John doing

Makin’ Whoopee

I was following links on youtube again and came across Roxanne by the Police – and for some strange reason, Roxanne reminds me of Chuck E’s in Love by Rickie Lee Jones. They were both hits in 1979 and Chuck E’s in Love made it to #4 on the Hot 100 list and is still a favorite of mine today.

Chuck E’s in Love – Rickie Lee Jones

So what has Rickie done lately? She recently released (2007) The Sermon on Exposition and is currently on tour. From the album –

Falling Up – Rickie Lee Jones

And one more favorite from the past. From her 1984 album The Magazine –

The Magazine – Rickie Lee Jones

Rickie had a Soundstage/PBS special in February of this year but I can’t find either videos or soundtracks for her performance.

One response to “More YouTube Nuggets – Rickie Lee Jones

  1. That was classic. one of the last johnny carsons..
    and also this began that trend of big band stuff.
    Rickie lee always on the cutting edge.
    chuck e, making whoopie, Ghostyhead,
    way before its time, and Sermon.
    must be cold out there.

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