Cas Haley – America’s Got Talent

ETA: From Top 10 – Cas Sings the Blues

ETA: Higher and Higher

(July 24, 2007)

ETA: Catch Cas tonight (July 24) at 8pm Eastern on NBC.

Cas Haley

Kelly, Ruben, Fantasia, Carrie, Taylor, and Jordin are all household names – stars born from American Idol. Great singers who were turned down by record label after record label. And last year America’s Got Talent brought us 11 year old super-singer Bianca Ryan. Britain’s Got Talent introduced Paul Potts, an opera singer that wowed fans around the world, and X Factor brought us Leona Lewis. Sure is a lot of talent the industry professionals missed.

And now, from America’s Got Talent – Cas Haley. WOW! A mix of reggae, funk, and pop – that surprises you when you hear it. How is this sound coming out of that guy? Cas is lead singer of Texas band Woodbelly.

So make sure not to miss America’s Got Talent (Tuesdays @ 8 pm Eastern).

Here’s a few samples to get you started.

Walking on the Moon

Livin’ for the City – Woodbelly featuring Cas Haley

I Loved You All Along – Woodbelly featuring Cas Haley

Master Blaster – Woodbelly featuring Cas Haley

Week 5 auditions – Livin’ For the City

Woodbelly Web Site

Woodbelly Myspace – More great tunes – I Loved You All Along, Freedom, I Wish that I, Survive


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