A Salute to YsabellaBrave and Cole Porter

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of YsabellaBrave of YouTube fame. In a little over a year, YsabellaBrave has posted 97 videos that have earned her over 27,000 subscribers and a recording contract. From show tunes to blues to jazz to gospel to pop to original compositions, YsabellaBrave sings them all. I looked through all her videos and found 6 Cole Porter songs. I love that YsabellaBrave teaches through her choice of songs. So a salute to YsabellaBrave and Cole Porter.

It’s De-Lovely

My Heart Belongs to Daddy!

Night and Day

Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love)

Anything Goes

Let’s Misbehave! (Shows her at her Best)

Hope you enjoyed YsabellaBrave sings Cole Porter!


5 responses to “A Salute to YsabellaBrave and Cole Porter

  1. Wow! I am a big fan of jazz,tin pan alley, and the American Songbook, also an amateur historian of the 20th century. She gets it right! You could be in a speakeasy in the ‘202’2 (the kind my imigrant grandfather would make deliveries to before he got busted and decided to stay honest)or a club in the ’30’s (for those who still had money after the crash of ’29), and that’s just the sound/style you’d hear! Thanks for putting together the Cole Porter stuff–its among my favorites (although my little boy likes Mamba Siciliana the best and my teenage daughters like Cabaret)…and Delovely is the perfect one to play for my wife–Ysabella gets that one right on several levels!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Jonathan Turak

    You have excellent taste in music–these are my favorites of all of Ysabellabrave’s repertoire. I am a retired foreign service officer, historian by training and inclination, and I find here interpretations to be right on the mark.

    I cannot open the songs on this site; when I do, I get this message that it is a private video and I have to accept the sender’s friend request. Being a bit too 20th century for my own good, I have no idea what that means. Could you tell me how I can open these and enjoy this website?


    Jonathan Turak
    Bethesda MD

    • Jonathan. Unfortunately, Ysabellabrave flagged all these videos as private to get Youtube to re-enable her account. Some of her videos were of songs that were copyrighted, and Youtube disabled everything she had published. I hope that some time in the future this might get worked out and we can view those videos again. She has fibromyalgia and has been in and out of the hospital over the last 6 months, which is why she hasn’t posted any new videos lately.

  3. Jonathan Turak

    I just got an e-mail form your system saying that I am now a subscriber, but I still cannot open the songs. How do I do that?

    J Turak

  4. Jonathan, many of her videos can be found here: http://www.juliollosa.com/#topic=yb&sub=0 As huckleberryfriend wrote, she’s not doing well physically and as you enjoy some of these videos, consider sharing with her a financial gift to help bless her in her time of greatest need, as detailed at http://tinyurl.com/BlessYBGuidelines

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