Nora or YsabellaBrave?

YsabellaBrave just posted a video of her singing Don’t Know Why on YouTube. I love it. Thought it would be interesting to compare YsabellaBrave and Nora.

YsabellaBrave – Don’t Know Why

Nora Jones – Don’t Know Why

I think Nora’s music is much, much better than YsabellaBrave’s karaoke track. Nora’s piano playing really adds to her performance. In comparing their singing, I would pay to hear either of them. I think YsabellaBrave sings this song with a sweeter tone while Norah has a more sultry tone. What do you think?


4 responses to “Nora or YsabellaBrave?

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  2. I absolutely love Norah Jones, and now I’m going to have to look up Ysabella Brave.

    I definitely agree with you. Norah has a very sultry, soulful sound to her voice, almost a little raspy, and Ysabella has a smooth, young, soft tone.

    I like both.

  3. Halle, thanks for dropping by. Ysabellabrave has a cd but for some reason her label won’t release it. Her youtube music is available at

  4. Albert Giesbrecht

    Norah’s singing is flat and timid, as if someone put a gun to her head.

    I have a huge crush on Marianne though so I am biased.

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