SHOUT – Greatest Rock & Roll Song of All-Time

Most people know Shout from the movie Animal House. So let’s see how much you really know about the song.

  1. When was Shout first released?
  2. Who wrote Shout?
  3. Who was the first to record and release Shout?
  4. Name a female (or female group) that charted with Shout.
  5. Who did Shout in Animal House?

ETA: Garth Brooks @ Obama Inauguration

Shout was written and recorded by the Isley Brothers and released in 1959!

Shout was covered by Lulu in 1964.

and by the Shangri-las in 1965.

And who could forget the (fictional) band Otis Day and the Knights in Animal House.

The Beatles from 1964.

Bon Jovi.

And finally, Joey Dee and the Starliters from 1962.

ETA: Gedeon McKinney from American Idol

I heard Shout at the gym this week, still going strong after 48 years and gets the toes tapping and the hands clapping. If you don’t think Shout is the greatest Rock and Roll song of all-time, what song do you think deserves the title?

4 responses to “SHOUT – Greatest Rock & Roll Song of All-Time

  1. Is Shout the only 45 rpm ever to have Part One on the A side and Part Two on the B side?

  2. Fingertips Part 1 and 2 – Little Stevie Wonder

  3. Ray Charles “What’d I Say”

  4. Patricia Thornell

    I’m an “old rocker” and definately agree it is Shout. What’d I Say is a very close second.

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