He Was Robbed I Tell You!

I don’t understand the demographics that resulted in Cas ending up in 2nd place. Maybe little kids and mommies gave it to Terry Fator – or maybe all the “dummies” voted for Terry.

Let’s see if Cas gets a recording contract within a few weeks. I think his style of music is very radio friendly and would get good airplay.

Cas with UB40 (Red, Red Wine)

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8 responses to “He Was Robbed I Tell You!

  1. I agree that Cas is really good. But Terry has it all. He is an amazing ventriloquist and impersonator. And he’s really funny too. People can rarely do spot on impersonations with their mouths wide open and moving, yet alone closed. Many people can sing and have a unique voice, but Terry does something that is completely different from anything I’ve ever seen before. I think he appeals to a young audience because they are puppets, but I don’t think young kids would know most of the songs he performed on the show. They wouldn’t be able to tell how much he sounded like the original, so I think he appeals to an older audience in that respect. I think the best man won. I’m sure it was really close though, and Cas will have a great career ahead of him.

  2. I agee Terry is good, but come on – who wants to go to a concert and see a ventriloquist? Cas has real down to earth talent. I think America cheated him out of the # 1 spot.

  3. Well obviously ventriloquists wouldn’t be at concerts, that’s why they gave Terry a gig in Vegas. Terry and Cas are such different acts, people will go to see Cas in concert and Terry headlining in Vegas. They will be successful in their own respects.

  4. Wendy and Ashley- Thanks for dropping by.

    Although I was for Cas all the way, Terry is extremely talented and deserving of winning. I’m just surprised at the outcome.

    Searches and YouTube hits for Cas were much higher than for Terry, which led me to believe Cas would win. I would be interested in knowing how the votes broke down by age and sex.

    Maybe since there were 3 singers in the finals, they split enough of the vote for Terry to slip by Cas. Maybe it would have been a different result if one of the non-singing acts had gotten in instead of Julienne Irwin.

    Congrats to Terry!

  5. Cas wa TOTALLY robbed!!! I’m so hoping he gets a recording contract – I’d be the first to buy his 1st CD!!!!!

  6. Cas was TOTALLY robbed!!!
    I hope he gets a recording contract VERY soon.
    Terry was good, but not that good

  7. Thanks for saying you thought Terry was talented and deserving of winning. It was a little upsetting to see bashing of the person who won, and the people who voted for him, just because your favorite didn’t win. Sorry if I seemed rude. I tried to make my point but not speak badly of Cas at the same time. I agree that Cas was very deserving of winning too, and I wouldn’t have minded one bit if he would have.

  8. Cas Haley is finishing his new album! it hits iTunes on Feb. 14th
    he did a video blog while in the studio
    view it here –

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