The Extremely Talented YsabellaBrave – Baby One

YsabellaBrave has a new song posted on YouTube. She sings brilliantly as always – but there’s a lot more to this girl’s talent. Everything you see and hear in this video is done by YsabellaBrave. She wrote the lyrics, composed the music, shot the video, did the choreography, sang backup, edited and produced the video – everything. So far she has posted 3 original songs.

Its a mystery why Cordless doesn’t have any of YBs music on iTunes yet. She is not even listed on the Cordless web site. People are begging for her to post some downloadable music. I think she should just convert some of her videos and sell them herself. We would put up with lower quality downloads for a while just to get things moving.

Let me play manager for a bit. I think YsabellaBrave should get teamed up with an orchestra for a night of show tunes. I also think she could find a jazz quartet, book a small venue, and sell tickets online to her fans. Price of admission would include a live CD of the concert. Ysabellabrave just might have the talent to make it on her own without any record label behind her. Just her and her fans.

Another YsabellaBrave Original – James

And the 1st original song she posted – Such a Quiet Man

I can’t believe no one is willing to invest a few hundred thousands to get this woman’s music recorded.  Twenty thousand fans at $10 a person would be a good start. Maybe a big-time fan will step up and lead the $200,000 recording drive.


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