Still Got No Home!

Spent yesterday looking for a new house –  left my house at 5:30 am – drove for 4+ hours – met with real estate agent and looked at houses for 8 hours – drove home – 5 hours – AC at home not working – call AC repair company – no freon – lawn maintenance company had cut AC copper pipe while trimming shrubs – $700 to repair.

Dryer stopped tumbling – $150 to repair.

Home inspector inspects property.

Appraiser does appraisal.

OK – my house is ready to go.  Still Ain’t Got a Home!

I don’t think its possible to find a house and purchase it within 20 days!  Well, since I have limited funds it’s not possible.  Found several houses that could be fixed up.  But almost all are near the railroad tracks.  Ever live near the railroad tracks?  You get used to it after a while.  But…

So its starting to look more and more like travel trailer time.  A little 20+ foot travel trailer – my 1996 Chevy Blazer – and a large storage room for all my stuff.  Where to go and what to do?  Maybe be a few acres and build my own house?  Since my construction skills are somewhat limited, the house would certainly be an original.

Ever see a Cob house?

Cob House Cob is made with clay and sand and straw.  Kind of like adobe – but it dries in place.  Get a big loaf of mixed up clay – sand – straw and press it into place.

Look at the neat interiors you can build.

Cob House Interior

Cobb Interior

Another Cob Interior

Still need a good foundation – and a good roof – but the walls – interior and exterior – can be built with mud.

You know those pictures you see of quaint cottages with the white washed walls in Britain.  This is a picture of an old cob house in Devon, England.

Devon Cob House

Or how about this fairy tale house?

Cob House

It would be a great project.  And what if it was actually habitable?

4 responses to “Still Got No Home!

  1. RedRoseSpeedway

    I have to say those are some really creative looking houses! I would LOVE to live in one of them. I’m a big fan of Lord of the Rings movies and I have always been very fond of the Hobbit house in the movie. I always said that if I were to win the Lotto I would build a real house like that – in the side of a hill!

  2. Nice and nice to make home by straw and clay.I like to know that.In my country we have some old village to same.
    Take care
    Reza from Iran

  3. I was just looking for some pics of cob houses and found this blog. One correction… your wrote “Still need a good foundation – and a good roof – but the walls – interior and exterior – can be built with mud.” Actually the floor in the pics you show have an earthen floor. An earthen floor is the same materials as the cob walls, but you want a layer of gravel under it and then the cob mixture should have a higher percentage of sand. Good luck finding a place to live.

  4. There is one dream house in Wales. And Red Rose, you don’t need to win the lotto to build a hobbit house, just inspiration …

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