Lisa Lavie – Another YouTube Star is Born!

 Lisa Lavie

A little blues – a little rock – some R&B – add some Soul –  and even some Rap.

Every Thing is Every Thing (I think she sounds like Joss Stone on this one)

Angel (Original) Reminds me a little of Amy Winehouse

 Falling for You (Original)

Lisa’s MySpace Page

Lisa’s YouTube Channel Page.

Lisa recently signed with BMI as a songwriter/publisher.

YouTube just might be the salvation of great music and new artists!

What do you think of Lisa?

2 responses to “Lisa Lavie – Another YouTube Star is Born!

  1. Kinda sneaky, using a headline of Paul Potts to promote your singer!! Do you have so little faith in her that she can’t stand alone?

  2. Hey Girl,

    Im from a little country in called NewZealand its a choice place my names shannon and I just wanted to tell you that you are the coolest chick singer I have seen in ages and your out there and proud loads of energy……man your cool I think you should look up a song its called bathe in the river by holly smith i think you will blow this song out of the water……hope to get a reply xx


    Shannon x

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