What Do These 2 Singers Have in Common?

YsabellaBraveNorah Jones

What do Norah Jones and YsabellaBrave have in common? A while back I compared them singing Don’t Know Why, so I saw similarities between them back then.

Norah Jones “Painter Song”

Painter song was written and composed by Lee Alexander and J.C. Hopkins.

In 2000, JC moved to New York. He started gigging around town at clubs like Fez, Tonic, and The Slipper Room with a core group of players that included Norah Jones on vocals. (JC and bassist Lee Alexander co-wrote “Painter Song” for her 2002 multi-platinum debut Come Away With Me.) more

JC and Norah have collaborated on other songs since then including One Never Knows. To learn more about the JC Hopkins Biggish Band listen to the NPR interview here.

Remember When – JC Hopkins Biggish Band

So guess who is producing YsabellaBrave’s first CD? JC Hopkins.

I was concerned that YsabellaBrave would be pushed into radio pop crap to sell records. I am all for her making a great living at singing, but selfishly I want to hear her with a great Swing band behind her. This quote is from a post I made on August 17:

Imagine a little dance club with a great Swing band. Now who would I want to see fronting the band? Not simply the best singer or the best performer, but what female singer can captivate the audience – bring them to joy – make them feel the sadness – get them on their feet.

And of course my answer was YsabellaBrave.

So here’s what we have to look forward too – but with professional recording equipment and live musicians behind her.

In the wee small hours of the morning


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