Only in … Louisiana!!! Piyush Jindal

Even if you have been watching the news the last few days, you probably have no idea who Piyush Jindal is. Well, he was just voted the next governor of Louisiana!

Bobby Jindal

So what’s so important about that?

  • He is only 36 years old
  • Got the name Bobby from watching the Brady Bunch Show
  • He is Catholic (converted as a teen ager)
  • His parents came to the US from India to attend graduate school
  • He is a Rhodes Scholar
  • He is a conservative Republican
  • More info here

To understand why I am excited about Bobby becoming governor, listen to his victory speech – magnanimous, positive, populist, inclusive, inspiring, realistic. He declares war on corruption and incompetence in Louisiana government. His slogan is “We Can Do It, We Must Do It, We Will Do It”!

The people of Louisiana deserve a great governor. Hopefully Bobby will be just that. A state that gave us so much, deserves better from their elected leaders.

Cajun Music from Mulate’s in Breaux Bridge

Clifton Chenier

Fats Domino

Prize Bull (Justin Wilson)

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Bobby is the heir apparent to Ronald Reagan – hopeful, positive, strong belief in the American people, a uniter. So let’s hope he can use the office and his tremendous charisma to help revitalize New Orleans, to rid the state from corruption in politics, to improve the school system and to create an economic rebirth in the state.

Geaux Bobby Geaux

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