Now This is Soul Music!

Paul Potts was on Oprah (YouTube Stars) and sang Nessun Dorma. Is Paul a great opera singer? I’ll leave that to the experts to decide, but Paul has that special ability that only a few performers have – to touch the audience and make them feel the music.

But this post is really about my favorite singer and performer YsabellaBrave. A real YouTube star that has a fan base in the 10’s of thousands who cheer her on every day. A singer that makes magic every week with a new performance or two. A singer who interprets a song just the way we think it is supposed to be sung – maybe borrowing a little from the greats – but each song a wondrous YsabellaBrave interpretation. So I give you her latest – in Latin of course.

Pater Noster – YsabellaBrave (Guaranteed to Move You)

YsabellaBrave’s latest original song – Machine – hints that she might be having trouble with TBTB on her new album –

“I can’t be part of this machine
Not while I’ve got this beating heart
I can’t be part of this machine
Go ahead fellas, try and kick me out”

But then she tells us –

“I can’t be part of this machine
I got too much heart to keep it in
I can’t be part of your machine
I promise this is not the end”

So here’s hoping that the album is on track and available soon.



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