The Clark Brothers

ETA: Found You’re in My Heart on

ETA: On YouTube 

If you haven’t seen the Clark Brothers on The Next Great American Band, tonight is the night – 8 o’clock eastern. This is a taped show and I understand they were phenomenal once again. Tonight they perform You’re in My Heart (Rod Stewart night).

Here’s their performance from last week of the Stones Gimme Shelter.

You can hear all their other performances here. I’ll post a link to tonights performance as soon as it is available.

A little disappointed that like at least one other band (SixWire), the Clark Brothers have been around for quite a while – performing as the Clark Family Experience. Had a couple of albums and even opened for Reba McIntyre. Doesn’t take anything away from their performance, but the Next Great American Band does make me think that the bands are unknown and not bands that have been performing for many years with a substantial fan base. Here’s a great article about The Clark Brothers and SixWire.


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