Are They Really Smarter?

Did you ever work with a person who was promoted to manager?  Did you notice how much smarter the person became?  Overnight, the person’s IQ goes up 30 points!  Or at least they act like it did.

Being a manager is just a different position – with a different job description.  Great managers recognize the new job responsibilities and focus on mastering these new responsibilities.   Poor managers believe that as a manager they have to have all the answers – and therefor, they must be smarter than everyone that reports to them.

So what’s this rant about?  Congress – specifically my 2 Senators – Jim Webb and John Warner.   John Warner is the co-author of the global warming bill the senate is about to vote on.  No other Republican on the committee are supporting the bill.  So why is John Warner pushing a bill so out of touch with his party?  Because John Warner believes he is smarter than everyone else.  His Senate career has been a long list of John charting his own course – one that only he is smart enough to understand.

I recently sent an email to his office asking for information on the bill. I also suggested that all Virginians should be told exactly what is in the bill and what it means to Virginia.  I asked if the bill addresses ONLY man-made global warming.  What if global warming is real, but a natural cycle – not a man-made one.  Will we spend the billions for nothing?

And since no government program has ever been 100% successful, what would a 50% success rate mean?  How about a 75% success rate?  Would the Tidewater area be under water if the plan is only 50% successful?  What would happen to our seafood industry if the plan is 75% successful?  Are any plans underway for construction of seawalls?  Are any areas being declared off limits to construction?  Are any changes in federal flood insurance included in the bill?

And you know what response I have received from the all knowing John Warner?


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