Gray Charles – We Need You!

If you love good music and weren’t a regular at, you really missed a wonderful experience.  Gray had an encyclopedic memory for music, movies, pop culture, etc. –  but even more importantly, people that had forgotten about music came to his website and were “Reborn”.  When we are in our teens, twenties, and even our thirties, music is the background of our lives.  But as we get older, we forget – forget how our emotions can be raised up or brought down by a great song.

As great as graycharles was (and is), the vehicle we all used to show us the way was American Idol Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks.  Not the best singer to perform on American Idol, but certainly the most passionate singer and performer.  He reminded us how music can transport us to another place, a beautiful place – where our passions overrule our logic and we just know that anything is possible.  That no matter our age, a great song can make us 18 again – for just a few minutes – our body and mind have traveled through time – and we can relive that time.

Taylor Hicks

But Gray’s is gone, and American Idol has produced only pretenders to the throne.  The community at graycharles is no more – and never did find a new home.  It just wasn’t the same.  Many of us started blogs to fill the void we felt.  I think the best is Music Maven who has done a really outstanding job with her blog.  Morewines (gotta love anyone named more wines) recently posted a link to some of Taylor’s music.  If you need a fix, take a listen.

2 responses to “Gray Charles – We Need You!

  1. Huck — Catching up on my blog surfing after a few whirlwind weeks of the holidays.

    Thanks for your mention. While I appreciate your endorsement, you are absolutely ko-RECK about Gray Charles. No one can re-capture that “bright shining moment” and to para-phrase an old scripture, “I’m not worthy to carry his sandals.”

    I have heard that there’s another great blog that just started up that you might enjoy:

    Pop Culture Tourettes

    BTW, love Y’Brave’s new tune.

  2. Gee, thanks Huck. I just found this today.

    Yes, not having GC around is a great loss.
    But we have Maven.

    Post the TH Radio anywhere you can. I will at some time add his Pre Idol stuff to it.

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