Clark Brothers for Win!

This Friday is the final of the Next Great American Band. No American Idol, but if you love music, it was an interesting show. The final 3 are the Clark Brothers, Sixwire, and Denver and the Mile High Orchestra. I think it came down to the lead singers.

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra – This is exactly the kind of band I wanted to start when I was a teenager. The band is great – but Denver is only OK. I think Denver should be the band leader, maybe play the trumpet, and hire a great front man for this band. They might go somewhere with a stronger singer out front.

I’m Free (Great sax and brass – weak vocals)

Sixwire – Kind of reminds me of Exile – without the charisma. Here’s a good example of the problem. This song demands a great lead singer to step up- not sing harmonies.

The Rolling Stones Last Time (Sixwire)

The Clark Brothers – Great passion, great musicianship, lead singer with great charisma. Ashley seems a little reluctant to step out in front of his brothers, but his passion and charisma make him a natural. I think they should take a look at how the Dixie Chicks became so successful and see if they can incorporate some of their strategies into their own plan for success – Country with Rock and Religious.
Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter (Clark Brothers)


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