The Rumble Strips

ETA: Just heard a Sprint commercial ad thought the music sounded familiar.  It was Boys and Girls in Love by the Rumble Strips.  If you don’t have time to listen to all their songs I have posted, at least give Boys and Girls a listen. 
ETA: For some reason, all these videos were removed from YouTube.
ETA: They’re Back! This group is really growing on me.

The Rumble Strips are a British band that has had only limited success in Britain and not yet charted in the US. Guess that says a lot about music today. The Rumble Strips sound a lot like Dexy’s Midnight Runners at times – and have a fantastic horn section. How can a band with horns not be good?

Their top charting single is Alarm Clock (#41 in UK). Take a listen and let me know what you think?

Alarm Clock (Great Horns in this One)

Girls and Boys in Love (Great Beat and Vocals)

Back to Black (Made famous by Amy Winehouse)

Hate Me You Do – (Reminds me of Dexy’s)

So do you think they should have made the US charts?

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