Dude – Jason – Listen Up

Jason Castro

Well, American Idol is down to the final 5. Every week I have great hopes for Brook – and then she disappoints. I guess Syesha is good, but I just don’t feel any connection. David A is a good excuse to get a drink or take a bathroom break – bores me to death! David C has a great voice – should win this year – but I’m not a fan of the type of music he sings.

So the plan is to help my man Jason stay as long as possible. I think 3rd is probably the best he can do, but you never know. So here’s the plan.

I don’t think many of Michael John’s and Carly Smithson’s votes will go to Jason, but I think Christy Lee Cooks are still available and that Jason can get most of them. So Jason needs a song with a country flavor to it. If he can hang onto his regular votes and pick up most of Christy Lee’s votes, he’s good for another week.

Neil Diamond did a country album, but the songs just don’t fit Jason that well. So here’s a few Neil songs that could do the trick. I’ve listed in them in reverse order of my recommendation.

Suzanne – This is actually a Leonard Cohen song that Neil covered. Hallelujah worked for Jason so this might too.

Juliet – At first I thought this was the one, but don’t know if Jason has the range.

And the Grass Won’t Pay No MindJason, this is the one. Don’t let me down.

OK. I did the hard work. All you have to do is walk on stage with your guitar and sing.

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