And the Winner Is — Josiah Leming!

ETA – New song from Josiah.  Is anyone else writing lyrics as good as this?

In my opinion, the most gifted singer/songwriter to ever appear on American Idol just signed a recording contract with Warner Bros.   You all know his backstory, but if you haven’t listened to any of the songs he has written, I’ll post a few here.  His writing and composing are amazing.  And he’s a pretty rocking piano player too.

Her – Love the Piano

One Last Song – Inspired by a Dream

Bad News Baby – “The Only Girl I’ll Ever Love is Trapped Inside a Song”

Josiah also has songs on his myspace page and allows downloads of all his music for only $15.

I think this guy will be around for a long time.  When the executives from American Idol discuss why ratings are dropping, I wonder if Josiah’s name will come up.  He certainly would have added some fire to the final 12.

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