Next Great Country Duo – Caitlin & Will

Can you Duet? just finished last night on CMT.  The idea was to find the next great country duo.  The final 3 duos were all great and I’m happy to say that my favorites, Caitlin and Will, won.

What is so remarkable is that Caitlin and Will both auditioned with a different partner.  The judges liked them, but no their duo partner, so they were passed on individually.  They were paired with new partners and again, the judges liked them but not their duo partners.  So as fate would have it, Caitlin and Will were paired together.

Will is a 22 year old southern rocker from Kentucky and Caitlin is a 21 year old from Maryland that can sing anything.  I believe it was their performance of Like We Never Loved at All during final 4 week that clinched it for them.  After that performance, all they had to do was not mess up.

Like We Never Loved at All

On finals night, they sang 2 songs.  The first was Stupid Boy and that got them into the final 2.  For their final song, they sang Love Is which will be their first single on the Sony label.

Stupid Boy

Love Is

Congratualtions Caitlin and Will.  All of the final performances are available at CMT


9 responses to “Next Great Country Duo – Caitlin & Will

  1. WOW! Talk about goosebumps! These two are the best and will make it far! Can’t wait for their CD to come out!!

  2. I totally agree with you on this one! I was in absolute awe when they sang “Like We Never Loved At All.” I got chills as…soon….as Will started in with the harmony. And, Caitlin can literally give any of the current big-name country stars a run for their money with that voice of hers. IMO, I would say that Caitlin and Will’s version of this song was every bit as good as Faith and Tim’s.

  3. Holy Moses! Yeah total goose-bumps! They were incredible! Can’t wait to hear more!

  4. Will is definitely awesome on vocals AND guitar; and Caitlin, Caitlin, Catilin, wow. Your voice is so powerful, you made me cry, girl. I breathlessly await your entrance into the country music scene.

  5. Man!!! these guys blew me away. Like we never
    loved at all brought a tear to my eye. I wish i could submit one of my songs for them to record.

  6. Totally love Will. You are awesome. Great Personality, Kind and Humble. Love you.

  7. WOW! is right i love all of there songs..and caitlins voice is soooooooooooooo amazing i really think she can outsing anybody..and will is amazing on the guitar.well keep rocking yall.
    love yall ❤

  8. Wow….the right people won!!!….I was kind of shocked to read other sites and blogs and see that people were focusing on their appearance… why? I never can figure that out. People are what they are on the inside not the outside and they proved who they were on the inside…fighters and dang can they kill it and they are humble. I’m so happy for them. They will go a long way!! I don’t even need to say best of luck…..they’ve got the right team behind them.

  9. Caitlin and Will–got to see you in person in Des Moines, Iowa—-What a thrill. Will you are such a sweet,humble guy and Caitlin you are more beauitful in person. I watched both of you all the way thur “Can You Duet”. The best of luck to both of you–hope to see more of you.
    Over the Hill in Southern Iowa

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