Sarah Palin – What the Mainstream Media is Missing

Gov Sarah Palin

Gov Sarah Palin

  • Yes, she is pro-life.
  • Yes, she is a member of the NRA.
  • Yes, she wants to drill in Anwar.

But that’s not why conservatives love her.  If the mainstream media truly understood what conservatives believed in, they just might get it.

Think about President Reagan – the patron saint of conservatives.  What was it about Reagan that so appealed to conservatives.  The media would have you believe it was lower taxes, strong national defense, pro-life stance, and big business.  And that would be a very wrong assumption.  It was Reagan’s belief that the greatness of America is in its people, not in the government.

Conservatives believe that:

  • In America, anyone can rise above his/her present position through hard work and perseverance.
  • Laws that guarantee fairness, must be in place and enforced and laws that are unfair to any group need to be changed.

This is the optimistic way that conservatives see life in America.  That is why we can praise both Colin Powell and Barack Obama for their successes, while rejecting Obama for his liberal beliefs.  Given the opportunity, most conservatives would vote for Colin Powell or Michael Steele or Condi Rice or J.C. Watts, but not for Obama.  Some in the media would claim this shows that conservatives are racist – and they would be wrong.  It is about beliefs and a way of life, not about race.

When conservatives look at Sarah Palin, we see a woman that has succeeded not by being part of the “old boy network”, but through her own intelligence, hard work, and drive.   We see a woman that refused to put up with government corruption.  We see a woman that demands a fair playing field for everyone.  We see a woman who believes that people are better at making life choices than the government.  We see a woman that believes families know better what to do with their money than the government does.  And she demonstrates this by the way she and her family live their lives.

Sarah exemplifies everything that is good about conservatism – a belief in the greatness and importance of every person, refusing to allow corruption in government or business at the expense of the citizen, and a love and passion for the US and Alaska that brings a tear to my eye.

So media, you might want get the facts right next time.

6 responses to “Sarah Palin – What the Mainstream Media is Missing

  1. > the greatness of America is in its people, not in > the government.

    I agree with this, and I am not conservative. I hate terms like that. I am just me. I believe what I believe.

    But if you truly believe that then why are you selective in what government should get into? Why should government outlaw abortion, for example? Why should government outlaw gay marriage, for example?

    If the greatness of our country is in its people, then you should have faith in them to make the right decisions for themselves even if they disagree with your personal beliefs.

    In other words, if you are truly conservative and believe the statement you wrote above, government should stay out of lives when it comes to many social issues.

    You shouldn’t be selective based upon your religious beliefs or faith.

  2. fixthebroken,

    I did not say that government should outlaw abortions or gay marriage. You accuse me of things I never wrote.

    This is exactly the point this post tried to make. The mainstream media has never correctly portrayed conservatism and statements such as yours are based on the bias of the media.

    I think most conservatives would prefer to see questions about such things as abortion and gay marriage addressed at the state level. It is questionable whether the constitution gives the federal government authority in these situations, which means they are the individual states responsibility.

    And from wikipedia –
    Palin’s first veto was used to kill a bill that would have barred the state from granting health and retiree benefits to the partners of gay state employees. She made her decision after she determined from Alaska’s attorney general that it was unconstitutional. In effect, her veto granted State of Alaska benefits to same-sex couples, as was required by law.[8]

    Sarah followed the state law even though it was different than her belief. Isn’t that what we expect from our elected officials?

  3. The fact that Mrs. Palin has raised the hackles of so many indicates that she is a real factor in this race.

    I think that many liberals are sick that the Republicans are actually DOING what they have only talked about for so many years by actually tapping a woman into a high level position.

    I just wish people would do some homework on her before judging what she is or isn’t. Perhaps they would get a better appreciation for the person and not the party.

  4. Hey MM,

    …do some homework…

    Looks like its not going to happen. I did a lot of reading on web sites yesterday and noticed a lot of comments that contained identical wording from different people. The talking points are out there and the debate is now about the talking points – not Mrs. Palin’s actual resume.

    Can we trust the mainstream media to do some fact checking and provide us with accurate information about Sarah’s record? I don’t think so. Can we trust any network to provide us with facts and not opinion? The best reporting I have seen about Sarah so far is from CNBC.

  5. I’m very exciited, and couldn’t be happier that McCain chose Palin!

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