Acadiana – They’re Going to Wash Us Away

ETA: Link to KATC in Lafayette (streaming)


New Orleans gets all the hype, but hurricane Gustav is barreling down on Acadiana, an area with a population of over 1/2 million people.  Right now, it looks like Gustav will make landfall just east of Atchafalaya Bay in Terrabonne Parish.  Some of the cities and towns directly in the path are Houma, Morgan City (gateway to the Gulf of Mexico for the shrimping and oilfield industries), Thibadeaux, New Iberia (center of sugar, oil, and salt production), and Abbeville.  A little less than 100 miles inland are Lafayette (36′ above sea level), my old hometown Breaux Bridge (Crawfish Capital of the World), and Carenco.

Home – Marc Broussard from his Carenco Album

The Atchafalaya Basin (Swamp) is the largest swamp in the US.

Lafayette The Daily Advertiser

Atchafalaya Miracle

Atchafalaya Basin at Henderson – Home of Pat’s of Henderson

Mulate’s in Breaux Bridge

Crowley Two Step

Johhny Earthquake and the Moondogs – They’ll NEVER Wash Us Away

Please send me links to other great Cajun restaurants, local newspapers, towns and cities that will be effected by Gustaf.

Updated Sept 1, 2008 (10 am)

Boy, the media keeps covering the story they want – rather than the storm that is.  This storm is coming ashore near Houma and going NW through Morgan City, New Iberia, and Lafayette.  The economy here is based on sugar cane, shrimp and seafood, oil and gas, crawfish (biggest producer in world), oil and gas services, port services, tourism, and agriculture including pecans, cotton and rice.

All major media is covering the same story in exactly the same locations.  Why not cover what might happen to gas and oil production, possible damage to seafood industry, to the Atchafalaya Swamp, the Shrimp Fleet in Morgan City, the Port of Iberia, etc.   How much damage will happen to coastal marshes and how much of Louisiana is going to be washed away forever?  The media should be sued for malpractice!

One response to “Acadiana – They’re Going to Wash Us Away

  1. As you know, Huck, the Cajun people are very resilient. They’ve been here before. They will re-build and get back to living life as quickly as possible.

    While there was some pretty good damage in Terrebonne and LaFourche parishes, Acadiana fared much better than originally expected.

    Now, the Gulf Coast sweats the next four storms lined up.

    As for Restaurants in Lafayette, here are a few:

    Cafe’ Vermilionville
    Black’s (in Abbeville)
    Evangeline Steak House
    Chris’ PoBoys
    Old Tyme Grocery

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