Why So Vicious?

The Democrats, liberal blogs, and the media have been trashing Sarah Palin savagely ever since she was announced as McCain’s VP choice.  I kept wondering why was she being savaged so quickly?  Were they that worried about losing this election?

Then it came to me.  It is only partially about this election.  What it really is about is the next 5 elections.

The next President is going to be able to claim that he got the troops out of Iraq and that he intensified the war in Afghanistan and the hunt for Bin Laden.  And the economy seems poised to start turning around soon and the next President should get the benefit of an improving economy without doing anything.  So the next President has a huge leg up at having a successful term.

If McCain wins, Mrs. Palin will gain tremendous experience and will be favored to be the Republican’s candidate for President in 2012.  The Democrats want to take her out now rather than have to try it after she has 4 years experience as VP.

And in 2012, Palin might just pick a young Conservative like Bobby Jindall from Louisiana.  So in 2020, Jindall would be the Republican candidate for President and if he won, would also be the candidate in 2024.

So what the Democrats fear (and rightly so), is that if McCain/Palin win, the Republicans are set up to control the Presidency through 2028.  And the Democratics realize what a mistake it was to name Biden as their VP.  No one thinks Biden will be the Dem’s choice in 2012 if he and Barack lose.  So if Barack loses, who will be the standard bearer in 2012?  They might just get stuck with Hillary – and they know that’s not a winning hand.


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