The Palin Revolution

I have a suggestion for the McCain/Palin campaign.  Focus on what makes Sarah such a hero to so many of us.  She joined the PTA, she ran for city council, she became mayor, she ran for Lt. Governor, she headed a major state commission, and she ran for and was elected governor.  Why?  Because she didn’t think these institutions were serving their constituents – that there was too much greed, corruption, and cronyism.

So McCain/Palin campaign – start the Palin Revolution.  Ask people to do just what Sarah did.  Ask them to get involved in local politics, in the PTA, in the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, volunteer to coach the kid’s soccer team, attend city council meetings, run for the local school board, serve on local boards and commissions, run for the state legislature, run for the House and the Senate, and run for governor.   Let’s get more Sarahs involved in politics at all levels of government – local, state, and national.

At every campaign stop, Sarah needs to ask for their help in changing America.  If America is going to change for the better, it will be done from the ground up.  John and Sarah may be reformers, but without the support of the American people they don’t have a chance in hell of major reform.  But maybe we can stiffen the backbone of a few Senators and Congressmen and replace a few others, it just might be possible.

In 4 years when Sarah is running for President, we need to have Sarahs in every city council, in every state legislature, and in the House and Senate.  We need to start now.  Let’s give Sarah her chance at greatness in 4 years.  Be a part of the Palin Revolution!

5 responses to “The Palin Revolution

  1. Hero?

    Yeah, the GOP is great at deceiving people.

    They pick a black judge who hates civil rights.
    Now a woman who opposes women’s rights!
    A Trojan Horse!

    You might like my latest blog on the subject:

  2. for your first paragraph to work, it would mean that those folk would have to become community organizers — and we do know exactly what the mccain/palin ticket thinks of community organizers, don’t we? and for the record, she was involved in the pta when her oldest children were in kindergarten. Puhleeze.

  3. christianliberal,

    I did take a look at your post and I challenge you to find evidence to back up a single charge you made. I’m not talking about BS from Huffington or DailyKos. Show me a vote Clarence Thomas made that backs up your charge. Show me legislature Sarah Palin supported that backs up your claims.

    Both of these people have strong belief systems but neither have forced them on the American public. What are you afraid of?

  4. angelica1,

    Yes, we know. Being a community organizer by itself does not qualify One to be President.

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