Sad, Mad, and Hunting for My Pitchfork!

Today I am sad that the Republican Party has ceased to be a Conservative party.  Even those stalworts that I thought were real conservatives are abandoning the cause.  The Republican Party is in the process of destroying itself and will never regain its place in American politics.  Too strong?  I don’t think so.  Conservatives will abandon the party in droves – either starting a new party or taking over the Libertarian Party.

I am mad that the Republicans are allowing the Democrats to blame Bush and the Republican party for this banking problem.  We all know the part that Barney Frank played in this.  We know how the Democrats refused to allow oversight of Fannie Mae and labeled tries to regulate Fannie Mae as racist.  The Republicans were also negligent, but nowhere near to the extent of the Democrats.  (See)

Although my economic knowledge may be less that these financial hotshots, I do have common sense.  The economy has been in trouble for almost 2 years and there is absolutely no reason to think that this bill will do anything to stimulate the economy.  It is a stop gap bill to attempt to get money flowing.  Why isn’t it flowing now?  Because people that have lots of money have financial advisers, and these advisers told them to take their money out of the stock market and money market funds and put it in Treasury bills.  Why?  Because Treasury bills are thought to be the safest place to put your money right now.

But has anyone shared that information with us common people (the tax payers)?  Of course not.  We are told that if we are diversified, we will be OK.  What a bunch of hooey.  They simply want us to continue to finance business and government, while the big boys find a safe haven for their money.

Congress created this problem and now want us to thank them for solving the problem.  Sen Gregg had the nerve to say how proud he was for all the people that had worked on this bill.  Hell, half the people that worked on this bill should probably be in jail.

Like many, I have lost a substantial amount of my savings and expect to lose more.  I have moved almost all of it to money market accounts, but I am afraid these may soon have a negative return.  What the hell is the little guy supposed to do?

So I say “Don’t Do It!”  If I am going down anyway, how about if the government going with me. Let them tighten their belt a little.  The banks will figure out how to make money – they always do.  How many banks are there left to fail?  Sure some small ones will fail, but so be it.  Their assets will be picked up and we should be protected by FDIC/FSLIC.

If the Republicans want any chance at governing again, they need to abandon this bill and be ready to pick up the pieces.  Have plans ready to get the economy going again.  Have a conservative plan for getting money flowing.  Have a plan for reducing the size of government.  Have a plan for efficiencies (businesses have had to do it, so can the government).

I hate my government right now.  The government has failed the people!  I love America so much and I can’t stand to see it destroyed by these greedy sobs.  I wish there was a way to remove every single one of them and start over again.

I can’t figure out anything I can do to make things better.  I have written to some Conservative congressmen trying to help buck them up, but I hear on the news they have caved.

So what are you all going to do?

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