I Can’t Listen to Another Word!

Tried to watch the debate.  What a pitiful representation of the United States.   It is shameful that we can’t get the best and brightest as the candidates for President.

At this time, we need a leader that can inspire.  A leader who is not afraid of creative ideas to fix our economic problems.  A leader that can tackle more than one problem at a time.

We should never have another Senator as a candidate for President.  I don’t know what language they are speaking, but it is not a language that makes sense to me.

McCain is among the worst Republican candidates ever.  I think it might be time to bring back the smoke filled rooms.  We cannot afford to have weak candidates like McCain who is stuck in the past.  He likes to say that he knows how to fix things in Warshington – well, why in the hell hasn’t he done it.  He is one of 100 Senators, so why hasn’t he been able to get more done?

McCain should have ignored Obama and just been inspiring.  Instead, he does a half ass job of attacking Obama and a half ass job at explaining his own position.

Obama just scares the hell out of me.  I think at his core he is a radical socialist.  I think he believes so strongly he is right, that he believes that laws can be broken and lies can be told, to ensure his election.

Obama keeps repeating “making investments” over and over again.  I hear that as we need your tax dollars to fund these projects I have.  I am tired on always being the financier and never the beneficary of these “investments.

Gore and Kerry worried me, but at least Congress could balance them out.  If Obama wins, this Congress just might go wild.  Can we count on them to practice fiscal responsibility?  Not likely.  They will say we need Roosevelt like plans to get out of the recession, even though current scholars say that Roosevelts projects actually extended the great depression.

I have never been this worried about my country before.  With Congressional leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, and Rahm Emanuel, I see nothing but special interest.  Will any of these people have an America first agenda?

And the Republicans aren’t any better.  During the last 8 years, the Republicans have proven they can outspend, out politicise, and out corrupt the Democrats.  And now that they have destroyed the Republican party; these party elders retire and leave their seats to the Democrats.  Senator John Warner is among the worst: he retires when the Democrats have the strongest possible candidate for his seat.   Four other Republican senators are retiring at the end of this congressional session –  Wayne Allard of Colorado, Larry Craig of Idaho, Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, and Pete Domenici of New Mexico.

  • Colorado – Udall (D) vs Allard (R) Udall (D)+6
  • Idaho – Risch (R) vs Darocco (D), Risch (R)+28
  • Nebraska – Johanns (R) vs Kleeb (D), Johanns (R) +14
  • New Mexico -Udall (D) vs Pierce (R), Udall (D) +18
  • Virgina – Warner (D) vs Gilmore (R), Warner (D) +29

So the Republicans lose a seat because these “great” leaders have bailed.

TIme for a new party.  One based on the Constitution, Conservative principles, and a little bit of populism.

I wish I had the drive to make this happen.

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