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A little too much wine coupled with a terrible thrashing at the polls has crystallized my thinking.  I had a germ of an idea for several weeks, but I woke up this morning with a completely fleshed out plan.  So I want to get it in writing while the plan is still fresh in my mind.

Last night, I was actively posting on two political forums.  Conservatives were (and are) devastated by Obama’s win.  He ran a better campaign, had a better message, and did a better job at getting out the vote.  McCain was a terrible candidate and did not run a very good campaign.  It’s likely that the fallout from this election will continue to devastate the Republican Party for years to come as Republican House and Senate members decide to “retire” since they are now inconsequential and it’s no fun being a minority in Washington.  They won’t give a damn if there is a Conservative candidate to take their place – they just want to get on with their lives.

So what can we little guys do?

We can’t sit around hoping the Republican bigwigs fix the Party.  We can’t assume the Party will return to its Conservative roots.  We can’t count on the “rich guys” to do what we want them to.

Conservative Grassroots

Conservative Grassroots







Part 1: Grassroots: Web Based Association of Conservatives from all 50 states.

  • Forums for discussion
  • Place to offer free services
  • Place to ask for help
  • Grassroots networking
  • Strategizing

Part 2: Free Resources – Members Offer Services

  • Web Site Development
  • Phone Banks
  • White Papers
  • Mentoring
  • Commercial Production
  • Web Ad Creation
  • Marketing
  • Graphics

Part 3: Financial

  • Fund Raising Ideas and Support
  • Funding

Part 4: Strategic Planning

  • White Papers
  • Position Papers
  • Campaign Strategies
  • Get Out the Vote Strategies

Grassroots Politics

We need to go after every elected and appointed position in the country – school board, PTA, Mayor, City Council, state assembly, governor, US Congress, local boards, heads of departments in state government, etc.  We need a coordinated set of principles that identifies a Conservative so that local politicians are in sync with state and federal politicians.

Please provide me with your feedback.

Conservative Grassroots Revolution

Conservative Grassroots Revolution


4 responses to “Conservative GrassRoots Movement

  1. Hooray for you! This ain’t the end! If you’re disappointed about the results of the election visit my blog
    You don’t have to be.

  2. I want to spearhead something on this order in my area of Northwest Arkansas. We need to organize and get some momentum asap to combat liberalism / socialism!
    How do I get started? What’s the next step? Will you help me?

  3. John,

    The idea is that if we can get this going, any Conservative anywhere can make use of the resources. Might be a small membership fee to pay for web site and to build a fund for supporting candidates, research, etc.

    Keep checking back.

  4. As promised, I traveled over here from Hot Air and gave your blog a read. I have yet to write my own plan as it took me a while to get home (west coast.)

    I admire your enthusiasm, and a grassroots movement is going to be a requisite for all campaigns going forward. McCain was given an impossible task under the circumstances and while he could have handled himself and his campaign better at times I think he did a good job overall.

    One thing I’d suggest throwing into your mix is to consider how we as conservatives market our ideas; that’s one thing that I will be addressing on my own blog, the actual marketing tactics necessary to help build support for our movement.

    I’m glad your enthusiastic, and I’m even more pleased that you’re being optimistic and viewing this as an opportunity to reboot the conservative movement as it should be.

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