Let’s Have a Contest

Show Me Your Cards

GM Volt

GM Volt

On Fast Money (CNBC) today, Karen Finerman suggested that the Big 3 Automakers compete for bailout money.  Each company puts together a proposal on what they are going to do to turn things around, how much money it will take, how long it will take, etc.  They submit the plans to Congress who will evaluate the proposals.

Might be a nice idea to have a 5 person committee of outside experts do the review and make recommendation to Congress.  Since there is not enough money to save all 3 companies as they exist today, one or more companies can be told NO.   Or maybe parts of the proposal would be approved and other parts rejected.

This sounds like the most Capitalistic approach I have heard.  If the companies and the unions can’t get their act together, it’s nobody’s fault but their own.

So let’s see what you’ve got.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford Fusion Hybrid


One response to “Let’s Have a Contest

  1. I already own a hybrid. I’m waiting for the all electric car that can get 350 miles
    between charges. Can you imagine pluging that into your solarized house to charge it
    up? Why past Whitehouse administrations would not throw money at battery technology
    makes no sense. They are going down in history as idiots and not just for bad energy policies.
    NUMMI in Fremont, California has been use as an example of a well run auto manufacturing (really it is assembly line since all parts are made over seas and autos are just assembled here) plant in the US. This was dicussed during the hearings for the bailout for the BIG 3 US Auto Makers. NUMMI is a a Japenese run partnership with Toyota and GM. The workers are United Auto Workers. Yes, a Union. This plant shows what good management can do.

    Here is Toyota’s newest creation due out in 2010. Partially solar.
    Toyota is a very forward thinking company.

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