What’s Wrong with the Bailout?

Simple.  It rewards incompetence.  It’s like rewarding the kids that get C’s and ignoring the A students.

3 Little Pigs
3 Little Pigs

America was built by great men – men with vision – men who refused to let obstacles stop them – men who believed in and manifested power.

Many of our formerly great companies are now run by weak kneed, visionless failures who rely on political favors to stay in business.  They are an affront to what was once great about America.     This bailout is redistribution of wealth on a massive scale.  Money is being taken from the hard working individual and given to rich, failed executives and union leaders.

I have always tried to find the good in George Bush over the last 8 years.  But his actions during the financial crisis seem childlike – he has no clue and no fundamental beliefs to guide him.  He had an opportunity to be a leader and he shrank from the task.  He has now become the caricature that the Democrats portrayed him as for the last 8 years.

The big banks were certainly guilty of fraud – when will they be charged?  Who caused the gas bubble?  Did they break the law?  How about the housing bubble?  Who is investigating Chris Dodd?  Why is Chris Cox still in charge of the SCC?  If Goldman Saks has so many brilliant financial people, why has its stock dropped over 60% in a year?  Why is the man who was in charge of Goldman when it overleveraged to the hilt, now the Treasury Secretary?  Why are so many Goldman employees brought in to clean up the mess?  How many of these geniuses have MBA’s from Harvard?  Where is my bailout for the money I lost in my retirement account – lost because of the manipulation of the big banks and hedge funds?

Does America have no great men and woman to rise up and save it?  Or will we continue to allow the political elite to squander our wealth?

Who are today’s great Americans?  Please share your candidates.

ETA: This was going to be my next car.  But guess who makes it?  GM and UAW.  Stick it!

Pontiac Solstice

Pontiac Solstice


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