Caitlin & Will – New Music

Caitlin & Will

Caitlin & Will

Caitlin & Will have released some great new music on their MySpace page.  Songs include:

  • Address in the Stars
  • Leaves of September
  • Born Again
  • Dark Horse

All are potential hits, but I think Dark Horse is the most likely hit.  Caitlin’s voice is amazing.

Doesn’t ring a bell?  Caitlin & Will are the winners of “Can You Duet” on CMT.  Their first album is scheduled for release this Spring.


One response to “Caitlin & Will – New Music

  1. I totally agree. I fell in love with both of them on the Can You Duet show last year! What’s amazing is that they didn’t even enter the contest as a duet! They both entered the contest with other partners. In each case, the partner was voted off and Caitlin and Will were paired together by the Can You Duet show! It was awesome to watch them week after week — rise from a duet who had never even sang together — to the duet that would win the contest! I’ve been watching them closely ever since then — have been waiting anxiously to hear them on the radio! I think we’ll be hearing more and more about them as this year goes on! Will’s southern rocker voice paired with Caitlin’s unique sound — they are already stars in my book!

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