Prayers for YsabellaBrave

I’m not a very religious person, but I do believe in prayer and positive thoughts. I find YsabellaBrave to be a very inspirational person and hope that she can recover from her illness.

From a post on her website:

MaryAnne will be going back into the Hospital Tuesday, Feb. 24th for more tests, again!! Her health has deteriorated to a worse condition. She does not know what they well be doing for her, nor how long she will be in the hospital. But, MaryAnne’s Spirit is very strong. Her Faith In The Lord is always with her.

Folks, it does not look good for MaryAnne. She is in dire need of all our prayers.

In the last few months Ysabellabrave (MaryAnne) was laid off from her job at Yahoo, had Youtube freeze her channels and then remove most of her music videos, and became hospitalized with a serious illness. I pray that YsabellaBrave receives our prayers of love and strength and is able to recover from her illness. We need this young woman!

Folks, I only know what I have read on YsabellaBrave’s site. She did post a few months ago about having fibromyalgia, so I have no reason not to believe that she is very ill, but this is the Internet and all I have to go by is what has been posted. I do know that she has given many of us a lot of pleasure with her music and talk videos. Some funny, some serious, but all very special. A small donation for all the work she has done and the pleasure she has given us is in order.

YsabellaBrave’s Web Site

Donations can be made at PayPal

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