Catlin and Will Promo Video

I know I have been pushing Caitlin and Will, but they just seem like great people and I hope this works out for them.

Make sure your sound is not all the way up because Caitlin really can blow (even though AI didn’t think so)!

Promo Video for their new Album – Dark Horse


11 responses to “Catlin and Will Promo Video

  1. I can’t begin to tell you how proud we are of Cait and Will. They are every bit who they represent themselves to be. They are soooo real…genuine. I remember when Cait went down to Tennnessee to try-out for Can You Duet. She didn’t appear to be nervous…just excited. Being her aunt, there was no doubt in my mind that her and Jen would ‘knock the socks off of everybody’…but…I am her aunt. As the show progressed and she stuck around, I got nervous. I started thinking…I don’t think I want to share her, and…stupid thoughts like…what if this changes her (very, very briefly)…and…we won’t be able to see her whenever we want…her family tends to be extremely close and loving, and when one of us is gone…it creates a hole…a piece of our puzzle is missing…Well, as God would have it…they won…Cait and Will. I marvel at Cait and how, in spite of all that she has already seen, accomplished, and experienced…she’s still our Cait. On the screen she’s the exact same Cait we have at home. Can’t believe I doubted that. I have read the wonderful comments people have made about them. We are all so touched by the response to their music. Her family couldn’t be more proud and pleased. Well world, here they are. Just as you see them. Be kind and gentle. They’re easy to love and get to know. They’re sincere. Pray for them as they begin their journey and throughout…We are. God Bless

  2. Sandra Balyeat

    I have been listening to country music since I was 50 and I am now 61. It reminds me a lot of the old rock and roll. I just happened to tune into Can You Duet and absolutely love the program. The judges are really good and the talent was great. I’m almost always right on when it comes to the finalist being chosen, whether it’s American Idol or America’s Got Talent. I picked Caitlin and Will as soon as they put them together. They are awesome!! I want them to be successful because they are so good!!!

  3. I am glad you are pushing them. They deserve it! I actually heard them sing this song live at a radio station in town. I think the problem with the vocals on this is the production. Caitlin pulled back in the live performance where she seems to power on the video. Now that is incredible control. They blend so beautifully, and they look like a true duo. Naomi would be proud!

  4. i think cait and will are great i was always pulling for them they will be big someday.

  5. good songs and vedio and goodsingers

  6. move over, taylor swift. not since reba and patty, have i heard such a pure country voice. catlin has it all over everyone in the industry right now. catlin and will’s video even now is pleasure to my ears. wait and see, this song will hit the top.

  7. looked ever where for there cd finly just down loaded love it love it

  8. I work for a promoter in Norman, Oklahoma called Creative Entertainment Unlimited Inc. I would like to book them for some casino plays in Oklahoma. The first date is July 10th at the Buffalo Run CAsino in Miami, OK.

    Please call me to discuss

    Thank you

    Deana Baker

  9. want to know when dark horse is going to be released. and there great

  10. absolutely awesome ,,,,i would travel hours to watch them perform ,,,,hopefully soon oneday they will be close to louisiana so i can be there front and center,,,,by the way i wouldnt travel to see any singer other than these 2

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