No Executive Experience

Is this what we are seeing? A President with no executive experience making one blunder after another. A President who has never had to live with the consequences of his actions? It looks to me like Obama is acting more like a congressman than the President. Does he not understand that there are consequences to what he says and does? Does he really think that he can just throw all these Democratic proposals out with little or no staff work and that we will buy into them? Does he not understand the financial crisis must be addressed now – not by having health care discussions but by fixing the banking system?

I only see 2 choices. Either Obama is one of the least competent Presidents we have ever had or he is purposely trying to worsen and extend the financial crisis as a means of accomplishing his agenda. Either of these choices scares the hell out of me. And since he was elected, I have not seen or heard a single news reporter/analyst discussing his lack of executive experience.

In his Saturday radio address, this is what Obama boasts his administration accomplished this week.

Recent efforts include a more detailed plan to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure; another plan to spur lending for people and businesses; an overhaul of the way the government hands out private contracts to reduce waste; and a summit on how to overhaul health care.

  • Will any of these create 1 new job? Doubtful.
  • Will any of these stop people from losing their jobs? Doubtful.
  • Will any of these lower my health insurance cost in the next year? No
  • Will any of these make people feel more financially secure and start to spend money again? No

So either Obama doesn’t have a clue or he is the most sinister President we have ever had.


3 responses to “No Executive Experience

  1. I vote for the sinister allegation myself. His history with Saul Alanski certainly would point in that direction.

  2. What can you expect from one who faced rejection all of his life? He was deserted by his mother, who very willingly gave him up but kept his half sister; his birth father who had no use for him and only saw him once–when he was 10 years old; his step-father who ran from like he had the plague. Did they know something we didn’t? Like, Obama is really the incarnation of “The Omen?”

  3. He is beginning to scare the Sunny household. Man, one after the other of his decisions and appointments are looking bad or worse, connected to wrong doings.

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