The Philosopher’s Stone

This is my favorite Van Morrison song and I’m guessing it will only be on youtube for a short time. So just wanted to let everyone know to check it out while it’s still up.

The Philosopher’s Stone – Van Morrison


2 responses to “The Philosopher’s Stone

  1. Love that song.

    What is up with Van and his militancy regarding the Web? I mean the dude says that his fans don’t buy his music in downloads. WTF? That’s ludicrous. And, for a guy still touring, you’d think he’d want to share everything he could to entice younger audiences.

    I posted a 9 second video of his show and was reprimanded by WordPress who had received notice from Van’s people to cease and desist. That’s just nuts. I think Van’s got a huge ego…luckily his music is worth it as if it were anyone else I’d be done with them.

  2. I was thinking about that today. Not Van specifically, but music videos on youtube. If I want to listen to music, I either listen to my ipod, my cd player, or I go to youtube. I wouldn’t have known about Astral Weeks Live if I hadn’t seen it on your blog. Then I went to youtube to check out the songs. Then I bought the cd.

    Same thing with Melody Gardot. I found her on youtube, did a little research, and bought her album and have her next album on order.

    Youtube should do some research. I bet they can show that posting videos on youtube increases cd sales and downloads.

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