Change in Blog

American Idol certainly isn’t what it once was.  Season 5 reinvigorated my love of music and I began to use the web to search out new music and new artists.  But then came Season 6, Season 7, and now Season 8.  How uninspiring AI has become.  Adding a 4th judge was one of the dumber things Idol has done.  I understand Idol was never just about the music, but the last few seasons Idol has been about everything but the music.  

So, I will not be posting about music much anymore.  From time to time, I may write a music post; but for the most part, I will just write about whatever I feel like writing about.  Politics, my garden, making wine, bread making, homesteading, going Galt – anything and everything is fair game.

Part of my disappointment springs from the albums put out by Taylor Hicks and Melody Gardot.  I was looking for some great blues and neither delivered.  So maybe when I find some new artists that can sing the blues, I will write a music post again.

For one last song, how about this blues harmonica – from a French woman no less.

A Classic Blues in G

Awe Melody, this is what I wanted on the CD!

Melody Gardot – Who will comfort me (Live)


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