Can You Duet?

Last year, in the first season of Can You Duet, 3 duos emerged with major label contracts and a shot at stardom.  The winners, Caitlin & Will, just released a video for a great song written by Caitlin about the death of her aunt from breast cancer.  This song, Address in the Stars, is already a big hit with fans and should quickly move up the Country video charts.  Because of the fan comments this video was receiving, Caitlin started a web site where people post memories of their lost loved ones.

Address in the Stars

Joey and Rory were the other powerhouse to make their name in the first season.  Their 1st single, Cheater Cheater, made it to #30 on the Country Chart.  Another great song from their 1st album is Play The Song.  

Joey and Rory – Play The Song

Kate and Kacey Coppola also signed with a major label, but I’m withholding judgement.  So far, they haven’t shown me anything that makes me think they will make it in Nashville.

This year, there is only one duo, Ryan and Avalon, that  has the potential to be great – in an Allison Krauss and Robert Plant kind of way.  Ryan is a story teller who currently plays the church circuit.  Avalon is kind of new age country.  She just signed with BMI in June, so I wonder why she is still in the contest.  Together they are fantastic – but I don’t think either will make it as a single.

Avalon Peacock recently signed with BMI at the organization’s Nashville offices. In addition to being a contestant on the new season of CMT’s Can You Duet, Avalon is the daughter of legendary avant-garde musician Annette Peacock.   BMI

Ryan and Avalon – Tennessee Waltz

Their Myspace page has a nice version of I Can’t Stop Loving You.

CMT’s Can You Duet? web site has their performance of Shine.   A little flat at times, but a pretty good performance for only being together for 2 weeks.

Can You Duet? is on Saturdays at 8pm ET.


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  1. BMI is not a record company or anything of that ilk. It is one of 3 organizations that keep up with songwriter roylties and pay them to artists along with other more complicated duties. I too am a BMI member.

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