Caitlin & Will – Dead Horse!

Caitlin and Will’s 1st album, Dark Horse, should have been released by now.  If you don’t remember them, Caitlin and Will were the winners of last year’s “Can You Duet”.  The prize for winning was a record contract with Columbia Nashville, but it seems that lackluster sales and ratings have killed the album.

Columbia Records has confirmed that Caitlin Lynn and Will Snyder have split as a duo. Future plans for the two are uncertain as of now.  Headline Country

I don’t like this at all.  Apparently, winning gets an album produced, but not necessarily released.  I hope  Caitlin and Will get rights to the album so they can at least release it on their web site and make a few bucks.  Address in the Stars should have been a top 10 hit, but Columbia put out a cheap looking  video and killed the song.  A better video might have pushed that song to the top.

I sure hope they stay together as I don’t think either will make it on their own.  Not that both are not extremely talented, but this is a case where the sum of the parts is greater than the parts.

C&W put out some good stuff, so here’s to you Caitlin and Will.

Address in the Stars

Dark Horse

Even Now

I’m guessing Sony will probably remove these soon.  Enjoy while you can.


3 responses to “Caitlin & Will – Dead Horse!

  1. WHAT?! NO I LOVED CAITLIN AND WILL!!!! They NEED to get back together and get a new record contract from someone else! They are fabulous together and they could be big if they could find a record company who appreciates their awesome music!!!!!! PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!

  2. I am sorry to hear they Catlin and Will spilt. I have been wating and wating to hear from them. I love them, so much more then rory and ? Too bad they did not go as far. I am glad I find your web site so at least I know what happened.

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