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A Little of This and a Little Blues

Josiah Leming – Cover of James Taylor’s Fire and Rain

Bobby Blue Bland – Stormy Monday Blues

Noisettes Every Now And Then Live Abbey Road Oct 2009

Melody Gardot at Abby Road – Because (This is very special)


Caitlin & Will – Dead Horse!

Caitlin and Will’s 1st album, Dark Horse, should have been released by now.  If you don’t remember them, Caitlin and Will were the winners of last year’s “Can You Duet”.  The prize for winning was a record contract with Columbia Nashville, but it seems that lackluster sales and ratings have killed the album. Continue reading

Can You Duet?

Last year, in the first season of Can You Duet, 3 duos emerged with major label contracts and a shot at stardom.  The winners, Caitlin & Will, just released a video for a great song written by Caitlin about the death of her aunt from breast cancer.  This song, Address in the Stars, is already a big hit with fans and should quickly move up the Country video charts.  Because of the fan comments this video was receiving, Caitlin started a web site where people post memories of their lost loved ones.

Address in the Stars

Joey and Rory were the other powerhouse to make their name in the first season.  Their 1st single, Cheater Cheater, made it to #30 on the Country Chart.  Another great song from their 1st album is Play The Song.   Continue reading

Melody Gardot and the Cell Phone

Melody is in Europe playing several Jazz festivals to rave reviews.  During her set at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, someone’s cell phone starts ringing.  Watch the video to see what happens.

She also did a great rendition of Ain’t No Sunsshine (Sorry but it’s a short cut)

Bonsai TV: Melody Gardot in “Somewhere over the Rainbow”

For all you Melody Gardot lovers –

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Melody on Letterman

Melody Gardot appeared on Letterman a couple of days ago.  I missed it, but I found the clip on Youtube.  Dave and Paul seemed to love Melody.  Melody is showing us how to build a career.

Who Will Comfort Me (On Letterman)

Change in Blog

American Idol certainly isn’t what it once was.  Season 5 reinvigorated my love of music and I began to use the web to search out new music and new artists.  But then came Season 6, Season 7, and now Season 8.  How uninspiring AI has become.  Adding a 4th judge was one of the dumber things Idol has done.  I understand Idol was never just about the music, but the last few seasons Idol has been about everything but the music.   Continue reading