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Caitlin & Will – Dead Horse!

Caitlin and Will’s 1st album, Dark Horse, should have been released by now.  If you don’t remember them, Caitlin and Will were the winners of last year’s “Can You Duet”.  The prize for winning was a record contract with Columbia Nashville, but it seems that lackluster sales and ratings have killed the album. Continue reading


Can You Duet?

Last year, in the first season of Can You Duet, 3 duos emerged with major label contracts and a shot at stardom.  The winners, Caitlin & Will, just released a video for a great song written by Caitlin about the death of her aunt from breast cancer.  This song, Address in the Stars, is already a big hit with fans and should quickly move up the Country video charts.  Because of the fan comments this video was receiving, Caitlin started a web site where people post memories of their lost loved ones.

Address in the Stars

Joey and Rory were the other powerhouse to make their name in the first season.  Their 1st single, Cheater Cheater, made it to #30 on the Country Chart.  Another great song from their 1st album is Play The Song.   Continue reading

Catlin and Will Promo Video

I know I have been pushing Caitlin and Will, but they just seem like great people and I hope this works out for them.

Make sure your sound is not all the way up because Caitlin really can blow (even though AI didn’t think so)!

Promo Video for their new Album – Dark Horse

Picks for 2009: Melody Gardot, Josiah Leming, Caitlin & Will

My introduction to new artists has become very television and YouTube driven.  The 3 artists/groups that I discovered in 2008 that have the potential to make it big in 2009 are:

Melody Gardot – My favorite new artist.  Her 2008 album – Worrisome Heart is one of the best albums I have ever heard – the only problem with the album is that it is too short (10 songs).  A mix of Jazz and Blues with a little Folk,  Melody Gardot has produced some of the best Jazz of the last 10 years.

“I had ideas about how I wanted things to go. In the studio cutting `Worrisome Heart’, I remember standing in the recording booth and saying to the horn guys `can you make it sleazier?’ They said `yeah! Sleazy man, that’s cool!’ It may not have been the most musical way to put it but they knew exactly what I meant!” she laughs.  link

Caitlin and Will – Winners of  CMT “Can You Duet?”.   Caitlin can hang with any of the current female country greats while Will holds his own on vocals and plays a mean guitar.    They already have a huge fan base so look for their first album (Spring 2009) to go Platinum.  Check out their new songs on MySpace.  After winning the contest, Caitlin and Will hit the gym, got some new threads, and they are now look as good as they sound.

Josiah Leming – American Idol Season 7 contestant,  Josiah wowed the judges during the early auditions but was rejected during the Hollywood rounds.  But Josiah picked up a huge fan base that followed him to his Myspace page.  Jossiah posted several songs and the push was on.  Soon he was signed by Warner Music and recorded an album which is scheduled for release this Spring.  Several of the songs from the album are already available as downloads or as an EP from his MySpace page.

Josiah will make it as a songwriter for sure and possibly as a singer.  Check out YouTube and you will find many covers of his songs – before he has even released an album.  My guess is that he will release a few albums but will be a highly successful songwriter for years to come.

Link to Josiah’s MySpace page and several songs.

Arctic Outcry Wind 

Caitlin & Will – New Music

Caitlin & Will

Caitlin & Will

Caitlin & Will have released some great new music on their MySpace page.  Songs include:

  • Address in the Stars
  • Leaves of September
  • Born Again
  • Dark Horse

All are potential hits, but I think Dark Horse is the most likely hit.  Caitlin’s voice is amazing.

Doesn’t ring a bell?  Caitlin & Will are the winners of “Can You Duet” on CMT.  Their first album is scheduled for release this Spring.

Country Music Fans – More Patriotic?

I just checked Caitlin and Will’s Myspace page to see if any new information had been posted about their album.  Caitlin and Will are the winners of the CMT show “Can You Duet?  What I found was this post by Caitlin:


As I sit here and type I am watching the 9-11 footage on the History Channel. I have tears in my eyes and I am speechless. I feel as though I did that very same day. I am confused, scared to death, stunned and I ache for those people and everyone that I am watching here on video. Deserted streets, debris falling, people falling…and all I can do is cry. I watch as people wave out of the towers above the smoke and flames and I know they are no longer with us…I hear a 911 operator tell someone on the 105th floor to sit tight and stay where they are, and then he hangs up and you can tell hes irritated…I feel sick.

On Thursday (9-11-08) I didnt even know it was the anniversary. It was just like any other day for me, and I feel guilty about that. I feel bad because we forget…WE ALL FORGET. And watching this footage makes me remember and takes me back to that day as if I were just watching it live. Oh my God, thats all I can say. Over and over again. I wish everyone in the USA were watching this…we need to be reminded of what happened…we cant forget.

My father is in the Navy and as a result of these terrorist attacks he was sent over seas for 6 months in 2002. Now 5 years later we have found out he is going back this October 2008. Watching this reminds me why he is in the Navy and how much I appreciate his and every other man and woman who are strong enough to become a member of our armed forces. I love my Father very much and me, my Dad and my family would greatly appreciate any prayers you could send to us and him.

From this day forward I hope you will all join with me and say I WILL NEVER FORGET…and mean it.

God Bless everyone who lost someone that day, God Bless our soldiers far away and at home, and God Bless The United States of America and everyone else in the world…


All the comments are also supportive.  I know it’s not fair to generalize from this one post, but it seems to me that there is an inherent difference in the way country artists and fans are wired as compared to rock artists and fans.  That would make a great thesis for some graduate student.

Next Great Country Duo – Caitlin & Will

Can you Duet? just finished last night on CMT.  The idea was to find the next great country duo.  The final 3 duos were all great and I’m happy to say that my favorites, Caitlin and Will, won.

What is so remarkable is that Caitlin and Will both auditioned with a different partner.  The judges liked them, but no their duo partner, so they were passed on individually.  They were paired with new partners and again, the judges liked them but not their duo partners.  So as fate would have it, Caitlin and Will were paired together.

Will is a 22 year old southern rocker from Kentucky and Caitlin is a 21 year old from Maryland that can sing anything.  I believe it was their performance of Like We Never Loved at All during final 4 week that clinched it for them.  After that performance, all they had to do was not mess up.

Like We Never Loved at All

On finals night, they sang 2 songs.  The first was Stupid Boy and that got them into the final 2.  For their final song, they sang Love Is which will be their first single on the Sony label.

Stupid Boy

Love Is

Congratualtions Caitlin and Will.  All of the final performances are available at CMT