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A Little of This and a Little Blues

Josiah Leming – Cover of James Taylor’s Fire and Rain

Bobby Blue Bland – Stormy Monday Blues

Noisettes Every Now And Then Live Abbey Road Oct 2009

Melody Gardot at Abby Road – Because (This is very special)


Picks for 2009: Melody Gardot, Josiah Leming, Caitlin & Will

My introduction to new artists has become very television and YouTube driven.  The 3 artists/groups that I discovered in 2008 that have the potential to make it big in 2009 are:

Melody Gardot – My favorite new artist.  Her 2008 album – Worrisome Heart is one of the best albums I have ever heard – the only problem with the album is that it is too short (10 songs).  A mix of Jazz and Blues with a little Folk,  Melody Gardot has produced some of the best Jazz of the last 10 years.

“I had ideas about how I wanted things to go. In the studio cutting `Worrisome Heart’, I remember standing in the recording booth and saying to the horn guys `can you make it sleazier?’ They said `yeah! Sleazy man, that’s cool!’ It may not have been the most musical way to put it but they knew exactly what I meant!” she laughs.  link

Caitlin and Will – Winners of  CMT “Can You Duet?”.   Caitlin can hang with any of the current female country greats while Will holds his own on vocals and plays a mean guitar.    They already have a huge fan base so look for their first album (Spring 2009) to go Platinum.  Check out their new songs on MySpace.  After winning the contest, Caitlin and Will hit the gym, got some new threads, and they are now look as good as they sound.

Josiah Leming – American Idol Season 7 contestant,  Josiah wowed the judges during the early auditions but was rejected during the Hollywood rounds.  But Josiah picked up a huge fan base that followed him to his Myspace page.  Jossiah posted several songs and the push was on.  Soon he was signed by Warner Music and recorded an album which is scheduled for release this Spring.  Several of the songs from the album are already available as downloads or as an EP from his MySpace page.

Josiah will make it as a songwriter for sure and possibly as a singer.  Check out YouTube and you will find many covers of his songs – before he has even released an album.  My guess is that he will release a few albums but will be a highly successful songwriter for years to come.

Link to Josiah’s MySpace page and several songs.

Arctic Outcry Wind 

Angels Undercover EP – Josiah Leming

Josiah posted on myspace that an EP of Angels Undercover will be available on iTunes on October 28. Songs included are Bad News Baby, Punk Ass Rain, 10 Wax Castles, overandover, and Angels Undercover.

The full album is set to be released in January.

And the Winner Is — Josiah Leming!

ETA – New song from Josiah.  Is anyone else writing lyrics as good as this?

In my opinion, the most gifted singer/songwriter to ever appear on American Idol just signed a recording contract with Warner Bros.   You all know his backstory, but if you haven’t listened to any of the songs he has written, I’ll post a few here.  His writing and composing are amazing.  And he’s a pretty rocking piano player too.

Her – Love the Piano

One Last Song – Inspired by a Dream

Bad News Baby – “The Only Girl I’ll Ever Love is Trapped Inside a Song”

Josiah also has songs on his myspace page and allows downloads of all his music for only $15.

I think this guy will be around for a long time.  When the executives from American Idol discuss why ratings are dropping, I wonder if Josiah’s name will come up.  He certainly would have added some fire to the final 12.

The Taylor Effect

Note: Just had 15 grape vines, 75 strawberry plants, 2 elderberry bushes, 8 raspberry and 12 blackberry plants show up. Got to get them planted ASAP. So this is condensed version.

ETA: Thanks to Sunny for link to Josiah on Ellen Show.

About 2 years ago, millions heard “I was born by the river” and had to look to see who was singing. This was our introduction to Taylor Hicks and over the next 3 months, we saw Taylor turn American Idol upside down. He was Simon’s and Nigel’s worse nightmare – a top 12 contestant that refused to conform. Week after week, the Soul Patrol got stronger and bigger.

So TBTB seemed determined to make sure this didn’t happen again. With all the millions they make from the show, they also wanted the millions from a top selling recording artist. So we get Season 6 – the most boring season ever. AI went from probably the best group of contestants (Season 5) to the worst (Season 6). Ratings drop and no superstar emerges from this cast of “Idols”.

So how do they fix it for Season 7? They bring in a bunch of “ringers” who they believe can be packaged to sell records. Just one little problem – Josiah Leming.

Now the question is – Why was Josiah cut? Because of his performance of Stand By Me? I think not. His first 2 auditions were too strong. Was it because he dismissed the band? I doubt that too. Each contestant only got 5 minutes with the band. Josiah tried to get the band to play the song the way he heard it in his head but couldn’t get it done in 5 minutes. So I’m guessing he was given a choice of either singing with the band unrehearsed or singing acapella. I doubt if cockiness or arrogance had anything to do with it.

But Josiah was about to be the next Taylor. When I looked at the AI forum, it looked to me like the Josiah related postings outnumbered all the other contestants combines. Even after he was cut, the number of Josiah postings was impressive – even with the board ops deleting Josiah related threads.

Josiah’s fan base reminds me of Taylor’s. Read a few postings and you’ll see comments like “My granddaughters and I love Josiah”, “I’m in my 30’s and the mother of 3 and love Josiah”, “My wife and I love Josiah”, “I love his passion”, “I’ve never visited a message board before”, “I’ve never tried to look up an AI contestant on the Internet before”, etc. Remind anyone else of the Soul Patrol?

Since being cut from AI, Josiah has sold thousands of dollars of downloads of his music, two of his original compositions have received over 250,000 hits on YouTube, he is scheduled to be on Ellen tomorrow (Feb 19), and is also going to be on MTV. I think TPTB knew that Josiah had the potential to quickly attract a huge fan base, take the lead, and never relinquish it. So he’s gone, and Idol is the worse for it. In my opinion, Josiah was the most creative contestant AI has ever had.

One Last Song – Written and Performed by Josiah Leming