Melody on Letterman

Melody Gardot appeared on Letterman a couple of days ago.  I missed it, but I found the clip on Youtube.  Dave and Paul seemed to love Melody.  Melody is showing us how to build a career.

Who Will Comfort Me (On Letterman)


Change in Blog

American Idol certainly isn’t what it once was.  Season 5 reinvigorated my love of music and I began to use the web to search out new music and new artists.  But then came Season 6, Season 7, and now Season 8.  How uninspiring AI has become.  Adding a 4th judge was one of the dumber things Idol has done.  I understand Idol was never just about the music, but the last few seasons Idol has been about everything but the music.   Continue reading

My One and Only Thrill – Number 12 on Amazon

Melody Gardot’s My One and Only Thrill released today (April 28) and is #12 on Amazon.  Pretty good for an unknown jazz/blues singer on her debut major label album.  I’m a little late to order, it so I can only go by the samples, the live performances she did during her chat last week, and Youtube performances.   Love it.  I wonder if her perfect pitch is a result of her severe Hyperacusis/Tinnitus?

Give the album a try and let me know what you think.

ETA: Free Listening Party

ETA:  It hurts me to say this, but I don’t think this album is as good as Worrisome Heart.  The stripped down versions of the songs she performed during her chat were fantastic.  The songs with the full orchestra – not so much.  I love the rawness of Melody’s music and it seems to be lost on this album.  Really disappointed in Who Will Comfort Me.  Compare it to this version on Youtube and I think you might agree the Youtube version is better.

Melody Gardot – Video Chat and Performance – April 23

Melody Gardot’s My One and Only Thrill will be available on April 28. Melody is one of my hot picks for 2009. A little Blues, a little Jazz, a little Folk, a little Pop – Melody is making some beautiful music and was recently signed by Verve Music group.

“Melody will be taking part in a live video chat and giving an exclusive acoustic performance later today.” April 23 – 6 pm ET Click here for performance and chat.

ETA:  Hope some of you were able to hear Melody today.  She is very funny.  And she has an absolutely amazing voice.  She sang 4 songs accompanied by just her guitar.    Really nice version of Over the Rainbow, Who Will Comfort Me with a lot of scat thrown in – excellent, Goodnight – nice way to end her chat session, and I’m drawing a blank on the 1st song she did.  I’m hoping someone will get them up on YouTube in the next day or 2.  Definitely got to see her live in concert.

The Philosopher’s Stone

This is my favorite Van Morrison song and I’m guessing it will only be on youtube for a short time. So just wanted to let everyone know to check it out while it’s still up.

The Philosopher’s Stone – Van Morrison

No Executive Experience

Is this what we are seeing? A President with no executive experience making one blunder after another. A President who has never had to live with the consequences of his actions? It looks to me like Obama is acting more like a congressman than the President. Does he not understand that there are consequences to what he says and does? Does he really think that he can just throw all these Democratic proposals out with little or no staff work and that we will buy into them? Does he not understand the financial crisis must be addressed now – not by having health care discussions but by fixing the banking system?

I only see 2 choices. Either Obama is one of the least competent Presidents we have ever had or he is purposely trying to worsen and extend the financial crisis as a means of accomplishing his agenda. Either of these choices scares the hell out of me. And since he was elected, I have not seen or heard a single news reporter/analyst discussing his lack of executive experience.

In his Saturday radio address, this is what Obama boasts his administration accomplished this week.

Recent efforts include a more detailed plan to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure; another plan to spur lending for people and businesses; an overhaul of the way the government hands out private contracts to reduce waste; and a summit on how to overhaul health care.

  • Will any of these create 1 new job? Doubtful.
  • Will any of these stop people from losing their jobs? Doubtful.
  • Will any of these lower my health insurance cost in the next year? No
  • Will any of these make people feel more financially secure and start to spend money again? No

So either Obama doesn’t have a clue or he is the most sinister President we have ever had.

Catlin and Will Promo Video

I know I have been pushing Caitlin and Will, but they just seem like great people and I hope this works out for them.

Make sure your sound is not all the way up because Caitlin really can blow (even though AI didn’t think so)!

Promo Video for their new Album – Dark Horse