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Can You Duet?

Last year, in the first season of Can You Duet, 3 duos emerged with major label contracts and a shot at stardom.  The winners, Caitlin & Will, just released a video for a great song written by Caitlin about the death of her aunt from breast cancer.  This song, Address in the Stars, is already a big hit with fans and should quickly move up the Country video charts.  Because of the fan comments this video was receiving, Caitlin started a web site where people post memories of their lost loved ones.

Address in the Stars

Joey and Rory were the other powerhouse to make their name in the first season.  Their 1st single, Cheater Cheater, made it to #30 on the Country Chart.  Another great song from their 1st album is Play The Song.   Continue reading


Next Great Country Duo – Caitlin & Will

Can you Duet? just finished last night on CMT.  The idea was to find the next great country duo.  The final 3 duos were all great and I’m happy to say that my favorites, Caitlin and Will, won.

What is so remarkable is that Caitlin and Will both auditioned with a different partner.  The judges liked them, but no their duo partner, so they were passed on individually.  They were paired with new partners and again, the judges liked them but not their duo partners.  So as fate would have it, Caitlin and Will were paired together.

Will is a 22 year old southern rocker from Kentucky and Caitlin is a 21 year old from Maryland that can sing anything.  I believe it was their performance of Like We Never Loved at All during final 4 week that clinched it for them.  After that performance, all they had to do was not mess up.

Like We Never Loved at All

On finals night, they sang 2 songs.  The first was Stupid Boy and that got them into the final 2.  For their final song, they sang Love Is which will be their first single on the Sony label.

Stupid Boy

Love Is

Congratualtions Caitlin and Will.  All of the final performances are available at CMT